Low cost and long range RF module-1200 meter/1.2km in India

The module is available for purchase in India at a price as low as Rs.900 /-.  I am talking about the MRF24J40 zigbee transceiver based MRF24J40MB 2.4GHz long range RF module with onboard antenna, power amplifier and a SPI interface for communication with the microcontroller. The details of the module are given below,

Microchips MRF24J40MB:

The MRF24J40MB Zigbee module comes with an SPI interface, In order to use the module the user must initialise the device registers using SPI interface.


  • Operating voltage: 3.3V (5V will damage the device)
  • Range: 1020 meters/ 4000 ft
  • Interface to microcontroller : SPI protocol

MRF24J40MB zigbee module is available for purchase in India 

at the price of Rs. 1373 /- in RS Delivers website

at Rs. 900 /- @ Mouser.com (To order from mouser.com check this link Where to buy electronics components in India?)

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