Project Ideas

Intelligent Hospital admission machine

The present hospital admission system is a long process in which the patients body parameters are measured manually one by one and logged into his records. The parameters like Blood pressure, Heart rate, Glucose levels, Body temperature, ECG, Height etc.

Wireless Mobile Battery Charging system

We find ourself in trouble whenever we are travelling and have unfortunately forgot our mobile charger in hurry. Life would have been so easy if all the mobile manufacturers provided the handsets with a standard common charging plug. But its not the case, different manufacturers use different charging pins.

Conveyer belt automatic bifurcation system

Idea of this project is to implement a bifurcation system for conveyor belt systems used in factories, airports and industries. The bifurcation can be performed on the basis of the object color, weight or name(Bar code/ RFID). 

Automatic dispensing of groceries with monthly update

Automatic Groceries dispensing system is a concept tried earlier but was never implemented because of the limitations in technology. The concept involves automatically dispensing the groceries like Rice, Wheat, Sugar etc according to the customers card type. In India there are different types of ration cards for different class of people.