Use APR9600/APR33A3 with SIM300 to play audio during a call


Preparing the audio clip : The audio to be played is pre-recorded in the APR9600/APR33A3 chip. Make sure you record the audio in a noiseless environment. The microphone interface which comes with the APR development kit is not so efficient at suppressing noise and amplifying the input. So, I suggest you record the audio in an audio player like a mp3 player/iPod or PC. Then record the audio into the APR memory by playing it at a higher volume.

Connecting audio to SIM300 : SIM300 comes with all the interfaces for making a call including the MIC input and the SPEAKER output. The audio output from the audio playback chip is connected to the MIC input of SIM300 modem through a current limiting resistor/potentiometer. Resistor is needed prevent the audio output from APR from saturating the MIC input of SIM300 and also helps in controlling the volume. 

Connect APR9600/APR33A3 audio output to MIC+ on SIM300

Connect APR9600/APR33A3 GND to MIC- on SIM300

Making a call : The call is made from the SIM300 modem by issuing the “ATD” command.

Playing the audio : Audio is played from the APR chip by enabling the PLAY button. 

If you wish to play audio after receiving a call, then look out for the RING command sent by the modem whenever an incoming call is detected. Then lift the call by issuing the “ATA” command.  

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