SMD components V/s Through hole components?

Due to their smaller size, SMD components cost lesser than the through hole components in large volume purchases. As you must have observed, when we solder a through hole component, we cut off the extra part of the component legs which leads to a lot of waste of metal. But in case of SMD components there is no wastage of anything. In some cases through hole parts are preferred than SMD parts where power dissipation is a major requirement. Since through hole parts are more exposed, they provide better heat sinking capabilities than SMD parts. Part suggestions: Use a SMD NCP11175V0 series regulator in place of 78XX TH series regulators Use a Type A / Type B tantalum capacitors as a replacement for 1 uF to 47 uF electrolytic capacitors. Use 0805 package SMD resistors as a replacement for 1/4 W through hole resistors Use 1206 package SMD resistors as a replacement for 1/2 W through hole resistors You also get ceramic capacitors in different packages

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