Difference between SIM300 and SIM900 GSM modems

Since we are already very familiar with interfacing the SIM300 modem and have played around with the AT commands, the questions that come to our mind are listed below. I have tried to answer them after doing a bit web research.

  • “What extra does SIM900 give me compared to SIM300?” :

SIM900 is a quad band modem being able to operate in 850,900,1800,1900 MHz bands and offers improved GPRS functionalities useful in web enabled applications.

SIM300 is a triband GSM modem being able to operate only in 900,1800,1900MHz band

  • “How compatible are these both modems?” :

SIM900 and the SIM300 modem operate from 3.4V to 4.5V supply range.

Same AT commands used for call/sms in SIM300 can be used with the SIM900 modem.

  • “Why should i use the SIM900 modem?”:

The answer for this question is based on the need/requirement of your project. If your project is using the GSM modem for web interface then go ahead with the SIM900 modem. As it is a newer version, some drawbacks of the SIM300 modem may have been fixed. Older products are not supported long time by the companies. So if your product is going to be manufactured for the next upcoming years then use the SIM900. For students and hobbyists it doesn’t make much difference. 

  • “What is the price difference?”:

SIM300 is available for purchase @ Rs. 1100 /-

SIM900 is available for purchase @ Rs. 1500 /-

  • “Where can i buy the SIM900?”:

For where to purchase electronics parts visit the link >> Where to buy electronics components in India?

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