Designing a Low cost GSM/GPS tracker – Update – PCB’s arrived – Part 2

If you have not seen my earlier post, Do check it out here where i explain about VALTRACK-V2 and its features,

Designing a Low cost GSM/GPS tracker – Introduction – Part 1

6 layer boards are expensive

I got the quote which was quite expensive due the 6 layer boards and i had also asked for PCB to be coated with GOLD coating to get more life on pads when i solder and desolder the components or wires repeatedly. On top of that they suggested to go with Panel form which all added up to the cost. It came to be Rs.8245/- 

Once i gave the confirmation, they generated an exception saying that they cannot provide 0.8mm PCB thickness which i had asked for and they will take order only in panel form. I had to accept PCB thickness of 1.6mm and PCB in panel form. 

Boards arrived today by Fedex and they are beautiful 🙂

Today i received the boards and here are how they look. They are beautiful and i love them. 


I am placing order for semiconductors and passive components on for 10 no’s of boards. I have some GSM and GPS modules left in stock.


Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

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