Choosing between M.Tech or Job after completing Engineering(B.E)

 Knowledge of B.E engineers v/s Knowledge of M.Tech engineers :

My senior had to say this in comparison of B.E engineers v/s M.Tech Engineers,

” In my experience i have seen that, Graduate Engineers can make things work but they are not able to reason it how its working and why it didn’t before. And, Masters can theoretically prove why the thing is not working, but they cant fix it”.

Starting career in a MNC (More Money, Less Knowledge) :

If you join an MNC you may be working on some patch of hardware or software which is already developed by some senior guys. You may hardly get to touch the real thing. First one to two years, you will be doing more documenting work that designing and developing. MNC’s follow strict designing guidelines and protocols where in you are hardly allowed to make mistakes. If you want to make money from start of your career then join an MNC. 

Joining a startup (Less Money, More Knowledge) : 

If you really want to learn doing a job then join a startup product development company, you will get huge exposure to everything that’s going on in the company. You will go across everything, starting from hardware design to software development, testing, problems faced during the product development. And you will be doing everything here, if you develop the software, you are going to test it and if there are any issues , you are the one responsible to fix it. The initial growth and salary will be slow in a start-up but once you have acquired the knowledge here, there will be no limits to your growth. 

My Suggestion : 

I personally suggest that you go for higher studies if there is no burden of responsibilities on you. If you have to support your family you may have to do a job. Don’t Worry, You will get to learn in both places.

These are totally my personal opinions based on my experience.

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