Best low cost 4G GSM GPS module

Are you looking for a GSM module to use in your designs, you have come to the right place. At the end of this post you will have an idea of the right module to select for your design . Most of our designs were based on the famous 2G modules of SIM900 and SIM800 series.

Why to switch to 4G modules?

But because of 2G sunset in different countries 2G modules can no longer be used for future proof designs. I agree that 2G modules provide the best cost to benefit ratio in current market. Because 2G modules are very cheap and we can get them for around 3USD sometimes even less for 2.5USD. We get SIM800C module for as low as 3USD from China. But we are now forced to upgrade our designs to 4G. We had started upgrading our designs over past couple of years and did multiple iterations and the best module option at that time was the SIM7600 which was cheaper compared to other makes of UBLOX LARA and TELIT 4G modules like LE910. SIMCOM made SIM7600 used Qualcomm chipset inside costed around 28 USD where as UBLOX LARA and TELIT LE series costed nearly 55 to 60 USD which made 4G hardware super expensive. Now after SIMCOM started designing their modules based on ASR chipsets they have brought down the cost by a huge margin. The early version of the ASR series modules was the A7670 which we get for as low as 6.5USD. But it didn’t have inbuilt GNSS in it. Now the latest A7672 series has inbuilt GNSS support along with Bluetooth. Seems like these modules are targeted for only for Asian, European and South American markets. I haven’t seen a A7670 or A7672 variant which is specific for North America.

Module recommendations :

Now lets talk about module recommendations,

Right now SIMCOM A7672 is very popular among the community as it has a lot features for less price. It supports LTE-CAT1 networks with 2G fallback and has GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Scan features. You can get it for as low as Rs.750/- or 9.5USD from SIMCOM distributors.

A7672 has two primary variants
1) LASE : Without GNSS & Without Bluetooth.

2) FASE : With GNSS & Bluetooth

For use in India:

You can order A7672S in India. It will support all the 4G networks including the Reliance Jio 4G network and also 2G networks. Operators like BSNL don’t have 4G network yet so this module can run in 2G mode also.

You can order A7672S-LASE for just 4G connectivity with 2G fallback for use in Indian sub continent. It should cost you around 650 INR each plus GST

You can order A7672S-FASE for 4G connectivity with 2G fallback with GNSS & Bluetooth functions. It should cost you around 750 to 800 INR each plus GST

For use in Europe :

For Europe, you can get A7672E-LASE for without GNSS & Bluetooth and A7672E-FASE for with GNSS & Bluetooth.

For use in South America :

For South America, you can get A7672SA-LASE for without GNSS & Bluetooth and A7672SA-FASE for with GNSS & Bluetooth.

For use in North America (USA & Canada), and Australia :

For Australia & North America also A7672SA-LASE and A7672SA-FASE are recommended as they support some of the bands of few network providers. Match the bands of the module with the network carrier you want to use.

A7672E & A7672SA both cost around 8.5 to 10 USD each approximately.

A7672x Evaluation board :

You can use our A7672x evaluation board for testing out these modules. Its the best 4G GSM Modem for using with Arduino & Raspberry-Pi boards. You can use it as 4G GSM Shield for Arduino or ESp32 boards and 4G GSM Module hat for Raspberry Pi.

Its available at our store for purchase. Click on this link to visit our store.

Below are the specs of the 4G GSM Module development board :

Documentation : Click here

Product Features :

  • Evaluation board for A7672S, A7672E modules made by SIMCOM
  • Main supply can take standard 12V DC adapter
  • The device supports a LiPo battery input.
  • Device supports 4G LTE-CAT1 network with 2G dualband.
  • A7672S – Indian band 4G LTE CAT1 module
  • A7672E – European band 4G LTE CAT1 module
  • Inbuilt GNSS , antenna to be connected to U.FL connector 
  • Inbuit Bluetooth 4 , antenna to be connected to U.FL connector

    NOTE : SMA connectors and headers are not soldered on board by default.  
DimensionsLength: 75mm * Width: 50mm * Height: 10 mm
Operating Voltage12V to 42V DC
Model No.A7672x-EVAL1
Operating ModesHTTP, SMS, MQTT,TCP,
Configuration MethodsBluetooth 5.0
ProcessorOptional STM32G030 MCU in bottom (not available by default)
AntennaU.FL (GSM, GPS, Bluetooth), Inbuilt Antenna (GPS)
ConnectivityBluetooth, GPRS, SMS, Call
Debug InterfaceUSB

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