APR9600 sound recorder IC is no more- Use APR33A3


The APR9600 provided all the necessary features for recording and playing the audio with very fewer external components at a very low cost. May be many of you are aware that the APR9600 audio recorder and playback IC is no longer manufacured!. The chip was manufactured by a Taiwan based company called APLUS Integrated Circuits Inc. I have searched for it in retail shops all across SP road Bangalore but the vendors said that the chip is no longer manufactured.


  • Single chip, high quality voice recording and playback solution
  • User friendly, Easy to use operation
  • Non – Volatile – flash memory technology, no battery backup required
  • 4-8 Khz sampling rate
  • Audio output to drive a speaker or audio out for public address system
  • Can record voice with the help of on-board microphone or via any audio input

The only place the APR9600 was available was at NSK electronics in Bangalore. Many of the projects i do require the sound recorder, so i contacted the APLUS Inc company support team. Their engineer had a skype conversation with me and told me that the APR9600 is no longer manufactured and suggested to use a similar but alternative part APR33A3 

Purchase/ buy APR9600 development kit in India at NSK electronics website at the price of Rs. 550 /-

APR9600 board is also available for purchase in India at Kits n Spares website at the price of Rs. 1050 /-


APR33A3 (Alternative to APR9600):

The APR33A3 is a 680 sec recording IC with same interfacing options as the APR9600, but not  pin to pin compatible. 

APR33A3 features:

  • Operating Voltage Range: 3V ~ 6.5V
  • Single Chip, High Quality Audio/Voice Recording & Playback Solution
  • No External ICs Required, minimum External Components
  • User Friendly, Easy to Use Operation
  • 680 sec. Voice Recording Length in aPR33A3
  • Powerful 16-Bits Digital Audio Processor.
  • Nonvolatile Flash Memory Technology
  • No Battery Backup Required
  • External Reset pin.
  • Supports Power-Down Mode for Power Saving
  • Built-in Audio-Recording Microphone Amplifier
  • No External OPAMP or BJT Required
  • Easy to PCB layout
  • Differential­-ended MIC pre-amp for Low Noise
  • High Quality Line Receiver
  • High Quality Analog to Digitaland PWM module


 APR33A3 Datasheet : Download


Where and how to buy APR33A3 in India?

APR33A3 is available in DIP package for purchase at APLUS India site at the price of Rs. 200 /- 

If you need to order APR33A3 part, send an inquiry email to APLUS India’s sales  team address sales@aplusindia.net

or contact the below person,




PH-91-22-26182082 / 26173575

MOBILE : 91-9833374818 [ OFFICE MOBILE ]


Here is the conversation i had with APLUS Inc 🙂

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