SIM868 vs SIM808 – Differences and Comparison | Which to choose?

In this post we will learn the differences between the old GSM+GNSS enabled combo modules SIM808 and the new module SIM868. The SIM868 is a newer module with a very small form factor which keeps all the benefits of SIM808 and extends the features in some areas.  Both the modules are quad band modules and this post should enable you to make the right selection. 

Designing a 3G Foaling Alarm and GPS tracker

In this post you will see how we built a 3G GPS tracking device or Foaling alarm which can be used for vehicle as well as personal tracking. This is nothing but my same VALTRACK series design with almost the same parts and a few additional features. Due to the 3G module used, the design became a slightly bigger. 

Difference between SIM5320 and SIM5360 modules

In this post we will learn the differences between the 3G modules in SIM5320 and SIM5360 series. Both these modules from SIMCOM 3G/UMTS/WCDMA module family are almost compatible except these major differences. I almost selected SIM5360E module for one of my design but had to change at the very last moment to SIM5320E. Lets find out why. 

Learn, How to save MQTT messages into a MySQL Database

I had been experimenting with MQTT and was able to publish and subscribe messages through different local and cloud MQTT brokers successfully. But when it came to the next step of saving and viewing these published messages, i couldn’t find any easy and simpler way of doing this. The best i could find was that we can subscribe to a wildcard topic and receive all message coming to the broker as a subscriber and save it to a database using some client libraries. 

Arduino DTMF tutorial using SIM900/SIM800 modules – LIVE DEMO

In this post we will see and understand how we can use the DTMF feature of SIM900 /SIM800  GSM modules for controlling devices or appliances. First i will show you how to enable the DTMF detection feature using an AT command and then we can see how we can write some simple Arduino code to detect the different DTMF tones and control a LED based on it.

Learn about the SIM800/SIM900 auto power on feature

Are you wondering how to auto turn on the GSM modules like SIM900 or SIM800. This article is just for you. Although these modules come with a PWRKEY button, we sometimes need the device to turn on or boot up automatically once the power is supplied. 

Google Speech Recognition HTTP API – Tutorial with Live Demo .. !

In this post i am going to show you how we can use the Google’s Speech API for speech recognition or speech to text conversion. Google provides a set of API which can be accessed through HTTP. These REST API are free to use and you can use these API in your application which is capable of generating HTTP requests to the internet.

Started a SMT PCB assembly unit – #MakeInIndia

I had been tired of waiting to get my boards assembled, There was lot of time wasted in sending boards outside for assembling . I was falling short of deadlines because the PCB normally take around 10 days to arrive after fabrication, then i need to send them to PCB assembling along with the components and wait for around 5-6 days to get the boards back to testing.