Bad pointers and invalid memory access in C

C language is very powerful programming language, You can literally do anything you want with a  micro-controller and its peripherals using C. The most important attribute  of C language is the pointers. These pointers can be made to point to variables, memory locations, Registers and functions.

SMD components V/s Through hole components?

On contrast to their Through Hole (TH) counterparts using SMD components not only makes your PCB look neat and beautiful, you don’t need to make a drill hole for each pin of the component. SMD components are smaller in size than through hole parts. There are a wide range of choices available in SMD component packages to fit your application.

Which mobile to buy for Android Application development?

If you want to develop applications for android and looking to buy a Android enabled handset then i recommend buying Samsung Galaxy Y 5360. Its a good handset with low cost of 6500 Rs to 7000 Rs. Comes with a good fast processor operating at 800 MHz, capacitive touchscreen

Google wallet not accepting debit cards

If you are from India and trying to use your Debit card with Google checkout then its a waste of time, I also tried many Visa and Master Card enabled Debit cards, but each time the card was declined. Only card Google checkout accepts is the Credit card. So if you own a credit card then go ahead. And one more thing i found out is,