Intelligent Hospital admission machine

 The goal of the project is to design an acquisition system which increases the efficiency by automating certain procedures to measure patients body parameters. The system includes,

Blood pressure measurement: A blood pressure measurement unit is provided in a booth which will automatically measure the blood pressure of the patient and log into the patients database automatically.

Heart rate measurement: A heart rate measuring device connected to patients finger which measures the pulse rate of the patient. Check this link for the heart beat sensor you can use for heart rate measurement.

Glucose level measurement: An instrument to measure the sugar level in the patients blood. 

Height measurement unit: An ultrasonic height measurement unit to measure the patients height. Check this link for ultrasonic sensors which can be used for distance measurement.

ECG record capture unit: An ECG measurement device to capture the ECG graph on to a system database.

Thermometer: An Digital temperature measurement unit to measure body temperature. You can use a digital temperature sensor like TCN75A for accurate temperature readings.

Here is a link to Freescale Semiconductors Intelligent Hospital admission solution

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