This article is to share my experience using the ST Microelectronics micro controllers. I have been using STM8S, STM8L, STM32, microcontrollers since a long time in all of my prototype projects to Products.

 ST Microelectronics offers micro controllers in 5 main series,



STM8A - Micro controllers designed for use in Automotive domain.

STM8S - General purpose very robust micro controllers with the value line device costing from as low as Rs.30/- in India.

STM8L - Ultra low power micro controllers for using in Battery powered applications with current consumption as low as 560 uA.

STM32F - Vast collection of ARM cortex-M core powered micro controllers with extensive and rich set of peripheral options for general purpose use.

STM32L - These controllers are optimized for ultra low power consumption combined with the performance and features of ARM Cortex-M core for battery powered applications.


Now why i prefer ST Microelectronics chips?

- Operating range: STM8S operates from 2.6V to 5V and can be used at 3.3V and 5V standard voltages.

- Easily hand solderable packages are available like TSSOP-20, LQFP32 helpful in doing prototype boards.

- Very low cost devices from the value line series in each of the family which will help you in building a very low cost product. For example, The STM8S003 device is available for as low as Rs.50/- in India at

- Very low cost debugger/programmer ST-LINK/V2 available for the entire STM microcontroller family. ST-LINK/V2 is available for purchase in India at Rs.2,263/- at Using this debugger you can program and debug the STM8A, STM8S, STM8L, STM32F, STM32L microcontrollers. 

- Simple one wire interface for debugging and programming using SWIM protocol for STM8 and a simple two wire SWD protocol for programming and debugging the STM32 ARM cortex family.

- Continuously growing product family gives you the flexibility to select any chip suiting your application and no need to look for another manufacturer as everything is offered by ST.

- All the necessary Peripheral Programming Library is provided by ST free of cost which saves a lot of time when starting a project. 

- Supported by IAR Embedded workbench IDE and free Kick Start versions are available for evaluation.

 - Very low cost and famous Development boards called the STM8S-Discovery and STM32Discovery boards available in India for as low as Rs.900/-


IAR Embedded Workbench showing the Libraries provided by ST: 


STM8 TSSOP-20 microcontroller on a product board:


STM8 LQFP-32 microcontroller on a Prototype board: 


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