Here are a few good forum sites related to Embedded systems. These sites i have listed are the best according to my experience and i have found lot of experienced professionals providing useful suggestions quickly. So if you are facing any problem during

your hardware and software development i suggest you guys to go ahead and register in these sites and make use of the vast pool of experience available. And the list is not extensive, readers please suggest any more sites you know so that i can add them here. You can leave suggestions in a comment or email me :) 

  1. All about circuits 
  2. Electro Tech Online  
  3. EDA board 
  4. Embedded Related 
  5. Sparkfun site forum 
  6. Embedded system Professionals
  7. Real Time Embedded
  8. Electronics point 





And many of the company sites provide support for their products in the form of discussion forums,

ex : Microchips official forum is one where in you can discuss anything related to Microchip products , PIC, dsPIC microcontrollers, PICKIT debuggers, etc 


Post in the right category :

When you post in these forums make sure you are posting in the right category. The forums have different categories for different topics. So find and post in the right group, so that you get the replies from the right people. And if someone else is also looking for same kind of question as you, they might find it in the right list.

Do not SPAM :

One more important thing i would like to mention is , Don't post any self-promotion links on these sites unless necessary. Self-promotion is considered against the forum rules and you may end up getting your account banned.

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