Recently i had got this requirement to design a GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker product. The initial requirement was about having the product built to work with 2G networks. And we had chosen a 2G Quad band GSM module Telit GL865 for this purpose. But soon this news came, that the 2G networks were being shutdown in USA and Australia. 

Recently in a shocking(for me ) turn of events i heard form my client that SIMCOM (My bread and butter) got acquired by UBLOX (The expensive modules manufacturer). It got me concerned immediately, I don't know why, May be i am just over reacting. :-P

Right now SIM900 and SIM800 GSM/GPRS modules might seem like the perfect choice for using in your upcoming IOT product design, as they are the most widely used GSM/GPRS modules across the world as of now. But they are not really a good choice for new products which are going to be used in U.S.A. 

If you are planning on a wireless project which might run on the 868 MHz frequency band in India, then its better to be clear if you are allowed to use that frequency for transmissions instead of facing problems from government organizations in the future.

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