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This post is to update you guys that i am doing a redesign of the PCB with some modifications to the size and there are some major changes to the power supply frontend.

If you are not in touch with the product design cycle, Check out my previous posts to get in sync with the VALTRACK-V2 design udpates.  Let me explain these changes in detail,

Last week the assembled boards have finally arrived and in no time I was able to get the VALTRACK-V2 up and running as the software was already written and tested for VALTRACK-V1 GPS tracker. Now i am able to test and run the SMS and GPRS version of VALTRACK-V2 without any problems. Even though everything went well with the design there were some issues which i will explain below.

This is a update post in the design of VALTRACK-V2 GPS tracker. The PCB i had sent for fabrication have arrived from PCB power and they are beautiful. I had ordered the boards in panel form, because PCB power doesn't support boards of size lesser than 20mm. Since VALTRACK-V2 design came to be around 52mm x 18mm, I had to accept their offer of making the PCB in the form of a panel instead of separate boards.

In this article i am explaining the differences between different Ceramic capactior dielectric materials like X7R, X5R, X8R, Z5U,Y5V, X7S, C0G. I used to encounter these names X7R and X5R capacitors regularly but never bothered to look at what they are. Recently i took some time to study them realised how important they are and here are the details of what i learnt.

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