Difference between SIM908 vs SIM808 modules

SIM908 vs SIM808 GSM,GPS,GNSS modules

SIM908 is a quad band module and comes in a 30mm x 30mm LCC package with simple GSM and GPS functionality

SIM808 is a quad band module and comes in a smaller 24mm x 24mm LCC package with GSM, More sensitive GNSS, Bluetooth, F.M, Audio recording functionality.


The common questions that come to our mind when selecting these modules are listed below. I have tried to answer them after using these modules and doing a bit of web research. 

“What extra does SIM808 modules give me compared to SIM908 module?” 

SIM808 GSM/GPS modules have a inbuilt Bluetooth stack compliant with 3.0+EDR & FM radio support, Audio recording, SSL security for data transmission, More sensitive Navigation system with GNSS capability with sensitivity of -165 dBm(Read more about dBm here) compared to the GPS only SIM908 with sensitivity of -160dBm. GNSS is GPS+GLONASS a terminology used if the device supports navigation using USA satellites (called GPS) and Russian Satellites (called GLONASS). So, SIM908 can only track using American satellite systems where as SIM808 can acquire location fix using American and Russian satellite navigation systems, which is helpful when one system is not able to provide accurate location with good signal strength, we can always switch to other system for better results.  

SIM808  module comes in a very compact size of 24*24*2.6 mm dimensions compared to SIM908 which comes in 30*30*3.2mm package.

“How compatible are these both modules?” 

SIM808 module operates from 3.4V to 4.4V supply range (Reduced operating range  !)

SIM908 module operate from 3.2V to 4.8V supply range. 

Same AT commands used for simple Call/SMS and GPRS TCP/HTTP functionality in SIM908 can be used with the SIM808 modules, but SIM808 has additional AT command set for supporting extra features like Bluetooth, FM etc

“Which module should i use?”

If you already have a SIM908 based design and you are happy with the performance of it then there is no reason for changing to SIM808. 

But if you are designing a new system then you should definitely use the new SIM808 module as it is better in all aspects compared to SIM908. Its smaller, has better tracking capability and is more robust in my experience. 

Use SIM808 module if you need Bluetooth/FM functionality which was missing in SIM908.

Use SIM808 module if you have stringent size constraints, SIM808 is almost half a centimeter smaller in size compared to SIM908 module and it is a huge saving on PCB real estate. 

SIM908,SIM808 can both be operated worldwide because they can operate in all four 2G GSM bands used across the world. 

Also remember that 2G networks are being shutdown and think before using 2G only modules like SIM908 and SIM808. Check this link for more information.

or watch this video.

“What is the price difference?”

SIM908 is available for purchase @ Rs. 550/- 

SIM808 is available for purchase @ Rs.650/-

“Where can i buy these modules?”

For large volume purchases it is better to buy these parts from Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com

If you are from India, read the post, Where to buy electronics components in India?  for more information.

Use this search engine to find electronics components quickly, Click here.

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