Cadence SPB 16.5 installation error

If your Cadence SPB 16.5 installation is not getting completed even after all proper installation then make sure you add the following environment and system variables to your computer on an Windows 7 OS

Mobile DDR / mDDR / Low Power DDR / LPDDR

Mobile DDR or mDDR or Low Power DDR or LPDDR memory is a low power and low size version of the Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM used in Personal computers. The original DDR RAM memory used in PCs are consume large area on the computers motherboard and hence are not suitable for use in SMART phones or mobile systems as the space available for mounting the memory in handsets is very less due to their small size.

Code Refactoring

“Process of changing a software system in such a way that it does not alter the external behavior of the code yet improves its internal structure.” Refactoring helps you develop better code & faster. At first, code is pretty good but as requirements change or new features are added,

Package on Package (PoP) is what they call it….

Surfing in the web for Low cost ARM processors i came across a description of a TI OMAP processor used in the Beagle board. To tell in brief the Beagle board is an open source fan-less single board computer which provides the performance of a laptop and is very small in size with 3×3 inch dimensions.

Low cost DSP development kit

Texas instruments has launched a low cost DSP evaluation kit based on its TMS320VC5xxx family of Fixed point DSP processors. This can be a very handy tool for students who are willing to enter the world of DSP.

Low Cost Linux boards in India

I wanted to move from the microcontroller world to the world of Embedded linux, So was searching for cheap ARM Linux development boards to start with. While wandering in the web i chose some ARM based boards which are available easily for buying in India,

Cheapest ARM debugger

STM32-VL-DISCOVERY is a low cost devlopment kit by STM Microelectronics for its STM32F100 ARM Cortex-M3 based value line microcontrollers. This development kit comes with a onboard debugger which can be used to debug any STM32 value line microcontrollers with Single Wire Debug(SWD) interface.

Cheapest Debugger for microcontrollers

I was looking for a low cost microcontroller and a debugger for that microcontroller which should be of low cost too, thats when i came across the STM8S-DISCOVERY board at Mouser website. This microcontroller development kit has a full pledge inbuilt debugger in it and can not only be used for debugging/programming the onboard microcontroller, it can also be used with other STM8S microcontrollers mounted in other boards.

SIM300 Power Supply circuit

SIM300 GSM modem works for supply voltages from 3.4V to 4.5V. This voltage is difficult to generate as we dont get a standard regulator at this voltage. Do not give 5V directly to the modem as it is above its absolute maximum ratings .