If you are from India and trying to use your Debit card with Google checkout then its a waste of time, I also tried many Visa and Master Card enabled Debit cards, but each time the card was declined. Only card Google checkout accepts is the Credit card. So if you own a credit card then go ahead. And one more thing i found out is,

When i entered the credit card number 52 Rs was charged automatically. I don't know the reason. The card which worked was HDFC bank Credit card (Master card enabled).

I wanted to register as an android developer and create an Android developer account on Google play to sell Android applications. So it required to pay a one time fee of around $25. I tried using many VISA,MASTER CARD debit cards for Google Wallet but they are of no use. Google wallet doesn't accept debit cards from India. So you will need a credit card if you want to create an Android developer account.

Don't worry, Getting a credit card is now easy, You can get a prepaid credit card with a fixed deposit of 20,000 Rs and above. Most of the major banks are providing this facility inlcuding ICICI and State bank of India. All you need is to walk into the bank of your choice and open a fixed deposit account and walk away with your Instant prepaid credit card which can be used for any international and domestic online transactions. 

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